Tree Inventory

The purpose of tree inventory is to provide a baseline upon which management of the trees will occur.
In the inventory, a health assessment and location of trees is inspected and collected. Notes are
provided for care options ranging from pruning, cultural care, removal, new plantings, or tree
protection. The number of trees can range from a few to hundreds of thousands, all depending on the
client’s needs.

The general process is as follows:
● Identify and GPS locate trees;
● Assess condition of trees and site;
● Provide maintenance options including cultural practices to improve health; and
● Prioritize trees based upon tree health and structural findings.

Who We Are

We are people who grew up around trees, saw their invaluable contributions, and have chosen to tend them with our knowledge, judgment and care.

Our Mission

To provide the most valuable information to our clients through effective problem solving that enhances the longevity of their trees.

Our Vision

To become the most effective consulting firm working with people, businesses and communities to care for and improve their tree and landscape investments.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Denice – Much thanks for your assessment and complete, thorough report.”

A. Linares – April 2020

Denice Britton

Consulting Arborist

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Gordon Mann

Vice President
Consulting Arborist

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Nicole Harrison

Chief Financial Officer
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Edwin E. Stirtz

Consulting Arborist

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