Tree Protection

The purpose of tree protection specifications is to help protect trees from adverse site modifications
during construction that would be detrimental to the health and survival of the tree. These
specifications include the services provided under the Tree Inventory service with additional information
and recommendations on which trees to preserve or remove, with or without mitigation requirements
based on the tree ordinances for the governing agency.

The general process is as follows:

● Review development plans to determine the need for construction protection;
● GPS locate, map, tag, and measure trees;
● Develop General Tree Protection measures;
● Coordinate with engineers or planners to assess impacts and mitigation requirements;
● Review site plans to assure protection measures are established and implemented; and
● Monitor tree preservation on site.

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We are people who grew up around trees, saw their invaluable contributions, and have chosen to tend them with our knowledge, judgment and care.

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To provide the most valuable information to our clients through effective problem solving that enhances the longevity of their trees.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"Just letting you know, we submitted your report , and with the dust settling, the insurance company has agreed to reimburse us! We will receive payment (check) for removal / replacement of the tree AND compensation for property value loss!! This would not have happened without your time, assessment and great written report!!!
Thank you so much!"

May 3, 2022

Thank you very much for a very professional report. I also appreciate the fact that you were so responsive and able to come out to the property and undertake the arborist report so quickly.

Glenn Rice - February 2020 May 3, 2022