Tree Risk Assessment

The purpose of a tree risk assessment is to inspect and assess in detail the structure and quality of the
tree, tree parts, surrounding targets, and environmental conditions. This assessment will provide the
tree owner with options for mitigating or reducing risk associated with the tree. This service follows the
ISA Tree Risk Assessment Best Management Practices, and is performed by ISA TRAQ Qualified Certified
Arborist to assess the trees. The assessment protocol has 3 levels depending on the client needs, and
can range from an individual tree to a full population of trees. Contact us to determine which level is right for you.

The general process is as follows:

Risk Assessment
● Understand the Tree Manager’s risk tolerance for tree failure
● Assess tree structure, target, and risk analysis;
● Provide mitigation options to reduce risk; and/or
● Prioritize population by risk ratings.

Failure Investigation
● Investigate cause of tree, branch, or tree part failures;
● Provide thorough objective report; and
● Provide management options for other trees and/or conditions on the site.

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